AusChem Training

Peter Botta


 Peter Botta is a partner in the company PCB Consulting, Peter specialises in Grain Storage Systems, Grain Storage Solutions, Grain Storage advice and Training. Peter has 18 years experience in the grains industry. Peter has worked with a range of grower groups and farmers, industry representative groups, agribusiness and bulk handling authorities.

He is a member of the National Working Party for Grain protection, ChemCert Management Committee Victoria, and Chairs the Australian Standards Committee for Sealed Silos. He advises and contributes to many working groups in the grain storage industry, including rewriting phosphine labels, chemical and phosphine fumigation training, National Plant Biosecurity CRC Phosphine Resistance Strategy, and industry training and quality storage systems.

Currently part of his role is working in a Grains Research and Development Corporation national extension project with growers and industry to develop, advise on storage and the wider value chain. Peter is passionate about the whole grain storage value chain and the role of everyone in it to ensure growers use chemicals correctly, effectively and safely, whilst maintaining Australian grain as a highly valued quality product for both export and domestic markets.